The Electronic Health Record (EHR)

How a clinician reasons with data lies at the heart of their practice—and indivisibly, patient care.

The EHR interface should be the cornerstone tool that supports clinical reasoning—but designing for clinician users is not so much complex as it is opaque.

My research explores this notorious pain point by leveraging the connection between cognition and visualisation.

In essence, it asks how the EHR can bring delight to clinical practice.

It is a clinician community contribution to the design of visual EHR interfaces.


We have [electronic] medical records, but they are like the shadows on the wall of a cave, punctuated by codes and jargon.’

This is a collection of posts based on my PhD in Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

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About me.

I am a sexual health doctor and design researcher.

My mission is to demystify 'how clinicians think' to make EHRs better.

I use reflective and diffractive methods to engage with clinician communities through Participatory Action Research.

I live on Dartmoor, England.